U&U Global CI (Logo) mean?

At first, it starts like a blue sprout. However, as time goes on, people become more and more involved with the management ideas of U&U Global, and the beginning of the business is spreading downward and reach out to ordinary ordinary people. It creates a greater opportunity for the future and is re-created with one force as a body, moving forward toward success, and with more powerful force, it is filled with more mature power and fruit as the grain ripples and shines in gold. As if to poke through the sky, it is said to have the meaning of " Win after victory “

ere is also a corporate philosophy that U&U brings together the meaning of " You and You " and that we grow together.

Finally, the logo design as a U-shaped bending shape is conclusively a strong gold toward the sky, the tip of which rises like a sharp beak, and the U-shaped logo is designed to have a round groove shape. Included in the design is the shape of a cape that can not get out of the way and can not get out of the way, so that the energy of success that once came into it does not get out of it, and it is deeply implied that it will stretch out the power of success toward the world.